Sable Island
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About Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers is Registered as a Recreational & Master Guide, with 20+ years of experience living on a small island. He has lived, and worked on Sable Island since 2004. 

Sable Island was set up to fill a void, as a source of general information for ship Captains, and others interested in traveling by sea to Sable Island, Nova Scotia.

Sable Island marine safety, is the goal of this website by providing comprehensive information of potential conditions, and related general knowledge awareness, associated with the Sable Island marine environment, including beach Operations. This includes links, to specific government departments, along with weather and other planning sources. 

The information presented here is not warranted to be current or accurate, for trip planning, marine operations, or navigation purposes. Pilots & Captains should refer to the current marine publications, and contact the applicable agencies responsible. 
Paul Rogers is an award winning (1989) Commercial airplane and helicopter pilot, a registered Master Guide, and is a world recognised photographer. He currently resides six months a year on Sable Island, where his activities include photography, videography, writing, and consulting. With approximately 10 years of Sable Island experience, he is one of the most experienced individuals, on Sable Island.
As a Commercial pilot trained to Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) standards, he has a unique perspective on the aviation environment, and the risks involved, with operating at remote locations, from un-improved airstrips, and the local weather conditions, on Sable Island. His exposure to marine operations includes sailing, cruising, small boat operations, and numerous beach landing observations.